Sunday, April 10, 2011

secret: who I want??~~

Its 230 am in the morning now.. i’m doing my work of course..erm suddenly remember something.,well not really remember actually, I’m thinking of it, I guess.. if I am to find someone as my life partner, who or how is the characters of the person that I would like the person should be?? Hmm hahah hard to tell actually.. I wish to have someone that can accept me as who I am..that’s the important point so far.. I may not as good as others..i’m not good at anything but I’m sure damn good in sleeping..hahaha so I just hope that whoever my destiny are, please accept as who I am..hehe for me it’s better to know my partner’s weakness beside seing his strength..weakness can be improve what.if we just look for good, that ‘good’ might not be permanent right?? And as the strength goes, the the love also been depleted..this is not the best ending ever..heheh oh back to my question, who am I hope to be my partner??hmm I want someone that can drag me to the Heaven not to the Hell..someone that can tell me my wrongdoers and help me to correct my mistakes..someone that can patiently teach me something I do not know about..someone that can remind me if I forget..someone that can stay the whole night to hear my spills and rants..someone that can stay beside me if I don’t have anyone else at that time..someone that I will miss much when he’s not around..hmm the most important for me is someone that can accept me and be with me in any circumstances.. where can I find this type of person???when will I find him??who is him?? I don’t know but I do miss him..hahahha *merong* =))