Monday, August 31, 2009

dialog hati n akal~

salam ramadhan almubarak
salam kemerdekaan
hmm in the morning of 31st august,
i'm thinking am i independent enough???
me myself can't answer my own question...
is it too difficult to answer???
again i don't know...
am i really don't know???
no, i just don't know what is the best answer for that question...
so what...erkk
am i independent enough???
no, not yet...
why i said so???
because i still depend on others...
my parents of course...after my Lord
what other...
other than my parents laaaa, who am I depend on???
err i'm not sure 'bout this...
because i don't know...
can i please stop questioning myself...
yes but after i answer this question, so why???
ohh please, this one is hard to answer and i don't want to answer...
i afraid of myself rite???
may be, but i have my own reason, please give me sometime...
hmm any answer so far???
ok i have one, my Lord is the best for me to depend on..whenever i need Him, i can just go and tell Him everything...He also the best savior...never leave me alone...hear to my so called rintihan...give me what i asked in my doa...too many things, this page not enough to count His 'nikmat'...even dakwat selautan pon x mampu utk menghitung i glad to be alive till rite now with perfect health...alhamdulillah
huhu good then, why i said it is hard to answer earlier???what am i thinking of???
i don't know.just confusing myself..heheh....

**the dialogue between the 'hati' and the 'akal'...hmm??????????

Saturday, August 29, 2009


i'm alone this sad
wanna go back...but i have things to settle here...
hmm so next time, do not postpone your work, paah!!!
padan muke ko...can't go back...haha miss my mom's cempedak goreng...hohoo
but still i will try use this time till the fullest...
settle my assignment...update my notes...
and review my test this wed..wish me luck huh..
wanna score hundred...fuiyoo tinggi cita2 kak!!!
it is not impossible, provided with good revision n understanding...
then give best effort that i have and with will of Allah i may get it rite???
deal, kalo ko dapat 100, paah, aku (paah) belanja ko!!!
anything just ask...but that is the deal!!! wanna accept it, Paah????
huhu so what are you waiting for??
still blogging???your time is money, never wait for you, dear...
enough!!!let's go to our strategy and start working hard now....
my aim is 1oo in patho test...
my step is study, study,study...
so i have the aim and the step now...
i going to stay regardless how many time it takes..
as long as i still got i gonna use this as much as i can..
i believe in Allah..

He said
"Barang siapa mengerjakan kebajikan, baik laki-laki mahupun perempuan dalam keadaan beriman, maka pasti akan Kami berikan kepadanya kehidupan yang baik dan akan kami beri balasan dengan pahala yang lebihbaik dari apa yang telah mereka kerjakan."[An nahl, 16:97]

in other word, Allah give us reward according to our action...
so i have to make my action equal to level 100 that i want...
i also need to alter my study style, be smart..hohoho
and as everything i done perfectly in my part
i can't forget to leave it to Him...
because He knows the best about me...
so i gonna start my step now...
wish me luck, guys!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

be observant~

Salam ramadhan almubarak..
While waiting for the dawn, I like to share a story here…If anybody know how to catch the mosquitoes??...Yesterday, before starting the sporozoa lecture, my lecturer told the story about catching the mosquitoes…He had been practicing this for a long time, if I not mistaken, he did say, it’s about 2 years...what he did, he put the soap on his ‘tapak tangan’…just waving your hand to catch them…(jz like yoo rin try to catch the snow in my girl series) hohoho is it wave?.. arhh I’m not sure…just try to imagine ok…but anyway, he manage to get the mosquitoes…he even did the record for the bilangan of mosquitoes he caught everyday…hahaha how unique he is I think…so what he got from this so called habit is, he recognize that, the mosquitoes having the different habit actually…some of them may manage to escapes…some of them even like playing a trick with him, but still manage to escape…some are very fast flying…the most interesting one, these mosquitoes they tend to bite on the head region, where they know, by doing so, they will not been caught…

What he want to emphasis here is that even the mosquitoes also learn from their experience…what about us, human being who are given a super duper great brain from God?? please use your brain well, do not abuse it!!!take a note also on how observant the mosquitoes are…so as a student, to be more specific as a vet student, we need to be observant and creative…observed the thing around you(tak kesa la yang berkaitan ngan study ke life ke)…and think about it wisely…you may get something different which others may not…while observing, try to create a new one on your own…don’t just follow things on how it been for the time being…may be with a small change you do, you may get something differ and may be special too…like in cooking, let’s say you wanna cook ‘rendang’…you get the recipe…you also look on how to cook that particular food…so what you do is, you change it a bit, like less your salt or add on some pepper and stuff…or may be you can add cheese???erkkk (ape la rase agaknye kalo rendang letak cheese hahaha)…so you will get something different and may be more delicious than the one you ate before???...who knows rite??just try and whatever you do wrong, don’t repeat it next time…as simple as that…you will even learn new thing on your own thinking and your own action…so be observant, be creative, be brave to try new things...

"Lo! As for those who believe and do good works, for them is a reward that wil never fail."

[Fussilat 41:8]

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

no title~~

salam ramadhan almubarak
i don't rili have anything to write actually..
so just type whatever word cross my mind..
currently waiting for azan maghrib hohhoo..
while waiting with do nothing..
i wanna post something..
somehow i don't have any idea..
hmm better put something than nothing
"change your mind set. study for the sake of knowledge. do not study for pass. if you study for pass, you will pass, but if you study for knowledge, you'll constantly gain knowledge and will remember for longer time, insyaAllah"
this quote i get from my patho lecturer during patho of cns lect..
well, let's try this so called advice from our lecturer..hoho
x rugi ikut ckp guru ni, anak yg baik kan mendengar kata..
waaa rojak sude..merepek btul~~~

Sunday, August 23, 2009

honest to goodness

I red a book one day, it make me wonder and having really deep thinks on that words. will I marry me? initially i thought it is a silly question. as i go through that articles actually ask me on my behave, my attitude and my personality. huh my face got hyperemia for awhile. it asked me to imagine if one day, i met someone which is me, will i take me as my life partner? this question will give sudden shock on my vital organ. hoho

so i started do a deep thinking. i come out with some list of characteristics that i look for to be my life partner. then i compare it to myself. hoho definitely i have a lot to change. i had gone to far from my own path. i need to go back on my path, make a change and do myself improving.

actually there is no such thing like mcq, true false question about myself. it is me myself who will created question and the answer are all inside me. well i'll not lost anything if i'm trying to chage to be a better person right. actually, i'd started changing myself bit by bit, and i can say that i started to see the outcome of it, alhamdulillah. if i want, i do it, n with will of Allah i'll get it, insyaAllah.

see, even Allah had told us,

'this is because Allah has never changed a favor which He has conferred upon a people unil they change their own condition; and because Allah is Hearing, Knowing' [al anfal 8:53]


salam pembuka kata..
salam ramadhan almubarak..
well how i'm gonna start this..huh
dunno y i'm creating this blog today..
not rili intrested on this actually..
but well it's done..
let's just wait n see how i'm gonna progress this..
is it long lasting or hohoh dunno..
hope will be long lasting and intresting..
pe aku merepek pagi2 nih...hihihi
till then adioss~~