Thursday, June 2, 2011

random rant~~

Kosong..empty..that’s what I feel right now..why??don’t know..i’ve no answer..

It has nothing to do with this place

It has nothing to do with people here

It has nothing to do with environment here

It has nothing to do with food here

Everything is just fine..just nice..nothing wrong

But why??why am I so down right now??

Something inside me is not right..but I don’t know what

Arghhh feeling so tense!!!

Missing someone..damn yeah..i miss someone..

Really miss her..but I can’t do anything about that..

She’s with Him..will not be with me..will not be with us anymore..

I can handle this..but what’s the real reason I’m down now????????????? tahzan farhah..nama da farhah (gembira), lagi nak sedih lgi nak down ke??

Remember Him and you’ll be fine~~~

p/s..being in India is just is only today i feel so down..PMS kot..heh last but not least..I LOVE My LUNG~~