Wednesday, January 20, 2010

happy birthday wawa!!!~~

happy birthday to my tayunk butuk..hohho

i'm just get the chance to cam x sempat nak post before 12 am je

btw i'll just randomly type whatever come across my mind

well since we were quite buzy for this couple weeks

u bz with your dances piya2 o piya2 n bole chuliya..u so cute btw during the show...hehe

i bz with my tears hahahhahaha jz bcoz of boxer??????kuang3

whatever we bz with

hope you'll enjoy our last minute idea to celebrate ur precious day huhuh

hope you'll enjoy our simple present too

till then for now..

have a great birthday, tayunk!!!wek3

[the pic from our first year DVM]
sopan lagi berbaju kurung hohoho

Sunday, January 10, 2010

the new adventure of DVM3~~~

Salam 2010
Time passed very quickly huh..was just like in a blink of my eyes, I’ll turn 22 this year..felt like just yesterday I’m wandering around SMAPL with Auni, Ku, Jlah..shouting each other from bainul to hafsah..haha sweet memories..anyway all of us are on our own path still struggling doing my DVM..about 2 and half year left..wish me luck, kayh!!!
Well talking bout doing DVM, my second sem third year just started about 2 weeks many new things, new knowledge I got in just this 2 weeks..this sem we started our surgery class..this class completely new for me..doing a surgery on animals particularly dogs..wahh even me myself can’t imagine how this class will be run..from the schedule, the surgery class allocated on Tuesday, the whole day starting at 8 am...during our first week, the class ended at 8 pm above..the following week, which is this week, we ended our class on 10 pm..hmm a very long day,huh..tired yet interesting..i really enjoyed this class..also my new experience, being an assistant surgeon in this early sem..never had hands on doing animal surgery before at all..well all of us are just the same two weeks, I’ll be the surgeon..huh can’t wait..ngee together with surgery we had anaesthesiology class too, which also challenging to induce the dog into anaes state not an easy task..if overdoses, I might kill the dog..the intubation part , seem easy but still need a lot of practice to be a pro..hohoh btw next week, we’ll have a real surgery..hope I’m not shaking..don’t care whet time the class will be ended, don’t care how long I’m gonna long as I got new knowledge, new expose, new skill, I’ll be happy…
That’s about the surgery world…let’s go to the next new world of me which is radiology session..a long class too..hmm a lil bit bout physic here..haha such long time I didn’t open up any physic books..btw so far it’s still okay..huhu I like it, the way our lecturer teach us..well, it’s good to try everything by urself..then anything you do wrong, you’ll remember it right..since we are learning, it’s ok to make mistake..rather than you just follow your friend instruction, which is also in same level with you..then you might learn nothing..hmm put some trust to your teammate..all of us are learning together, so why don’t we make thing interesting and at the same time learn it..not to concur the team like you are the smartest in the team..we are just the same..
Following day, we had post mortem of a dog..hmm early DVM we just butchering the carcass..haha not even have guideline..(main suke2 potong je)..but this time quite ok the protocol..where to cut first and stuffs right…hehe but this class not take so long laa..hmm those are bout still have something make me down..really feel like going back from class..haha but I still had the patience on me that time..well I don’t feel like writing it here..i don’t want anyone to be hurt or the way, I felt like wanna drop, but then, if I’m just running away like that, am I be okay?? I think I will just face it..take it as challenge..we will prove it to that particular person that he is wrong, okay guys??...hmm don’t be influence by the word from such narrow minded person..he might don’t wanna look on the positive side..but we can..whatever he said, let’s take it positive although most of his word are negative..even our lecturer also said “in our life, we need to take everything positive” during our first surgery class..hehe (ape bende la aku tulih ni..paham2 la eh)..well we will get refreshing words from our respective lecturer which have such wonderful words that really refreshing me..hehe till then (sebelum aku merapu x leh stop)…adios~~